Garrett Town Hall & Rally - Moneta

See What the Mainstream Media Won't Tell You

The 5th District of Virginia is Very Happy with Our Congressman & Our President!  


We elected Tom Garrett and Donald Trump by a landslide, and they're keeping their promises.  So we come out and show our support.

See a panorama of the May 9th Moneta Rally (photo below), taken from across the street - directly in front of the church.   Spanning out from center of the photo are a bunch of Garrett supporters.  The small group over to the far left are the protesters.  The Indivisible/protesters were outmatched by us Garrett/Trump supporters - both in our numbers and our positive energy.

The vast majority of cars who drove by our Rally honked in approval and waved at us friendly Garrett supporters. Those locals must have identified with us being so patriotic, smiling and enthusiastic; cheerfully waving American flags. The smaller group of angry protesters over on the far left (photo below) after a while, caught on and then started waving a couple small flags themselves.

The anti-Garrett protesters had to mimic our patriotism to get more positive attention from the cars passing by.

 panorama of the rally

Here is the Panorama YouTube video.

Go watch the video of the Town Hall which took place inside the church.


More photos -

          Chairman Lynn Tucker & Ruby, the Republican dog     

Our Virginia Republican Creed -



Inside the Town Hall


Go watch the recording of the Town Hall and judge for yourself.  Don't rely on other people's interpretation.  See and hear Congressman Tom Garrett respectfully interact with his constituents as he answers all their questions with forthright honesty.  It's a shame some of the protesting attendees did not reciprocate Tom's good manners

Congressman Garrett possesses an in-depth knowledge of the facts and issues facing us today, and he transparently governs based on limited-government principles as codified in the Virginia Republican Creed.   He knows he is accountable to his constituents, first and last - and not to Republican leadership or special interests.

We support our Congressman Tom Garrett as he continues to drain the swamp, and make America great again!


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