Garrett Town Hall & Rally - UVA

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See, hear and learn how anarchists tried - and failed- to shut down Congressman Tom Garrett on March 31, 2017 at the University of Virginia

The anarchists were out in full force with their anti-American intimidation tactics.  They screamed obscenities and mindless chants.  They marched through the crowd with their long banners that they used to encircle, corral and physically assault several of our people.  Despite these intimidation tactics and others, they were unsuccessful. 

The anarchists didn't silence our duly elected Congressman, and they didn't prevent his productive Town Hall with his constituents.  Nor did the anarchists scare us off.  We stood our ground against them and we will continue to proudly support Congressman Tom Garrett and President Donald Trump.  Try as they might, the anarchists can't overthrow our Republic.

Cheat-sheet List of the Anarchists' Chants*, Distributed at the Rally

   "We are unstoppable; another world is possible."
   "USA - Shut it down!"
   "No ban, no registry, f-ck white supremacy."
   "Say it loud, say it clear, immigrants are welcome here."
   "Hey hey, ho ho, white supremacy's got to go."
   "Tom Garrett go away, no racist USA."

*  All these chants can be heard on these videos; WARNING: profane language


It was obvious many of the Other Side were not local to the 5th District. Not only were they bused in from Richmond, but they also were largely unaware of why they were even there in the first place.

"Many who attended the rally on Friday wore "We Are The 58" stickers, reminding everyone that Congressman Garrett and his message won an overwhelming 58% of the vote in November in spite of being heavily outspent.   At one point, we chanted "58 to 42" to make the point.  Amazingly, several protesters asked what that meant.  They were surprised to learn of the margin of victory and one even asked, "Who was his opponent?"  My guess is that many of these protesters were not even from the Fifth District, as evidenced by their lack of basic knowledge regarding the election."  - George Urban, Chairman Albemarle County GOP

inside the Town Hall College Republican booth

YouTube Videos

Watch videos of the Congressman Garrett Town Hall and Rally.  Highlights include:

Inside the Town Hall

Shortly after the forum began, 5 shouting anarchists rudely disrupted the Town Hall, in a fascist attempt to shut it down.  These anti-American protesters sought to prevent 5th District constituents from constructively engaging their representative in dialog; and so the anarchists were quickly evicted.

Despite some lefties' bad manners in continued interruptions, Congressman Tom Garrett spoke knowledgeably, answering constituents' questions on a variety of subjects, including healthcare insurance, earmarks, the economy, foreign policy, national security, and illegal immigration - all within the framework of limited-government ideals. Throughout it all Congressman Garrett stressed his accountability is always to his constituents.  (See & hear for yourself - the Town Hall video.)


Facebook posts & videos  Tom Garrett supporter

  Corey Stewart speaks at Rally
  Chuck Smith speaks at Rally
  Opposition doesn't like to hear, "There are only two genders."


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On Friday March 31, 2017 Congressman Tom Garrett held a live Town Hall at the Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy at the University of Virginia.  Admission to the Town Hall was via a lottery system, run by the Batten School, and the School also moderated the Town Hall.  This was done to give as many 5th District residents as possible the opportunity to engage their Congressman - in a safe environment, free from violence and intimidation. 

Unfortunately, at other Town Halls recently there has been violence and disruption, by fascist anarchists, in an attempt to intimidate and silence our Congressmen and their supporters.  Friday's Town Hall had both violence and disruption on the anarchists' part. 

The anarchists pretend they're unhappy with Congressman Garrett because they say he won't meet with them face-to-face.  However, their fascist antics at the Town Hall belied themselves.  They are not interested in communicating with Congressman Garrett, they only want to shut him down, and drive away his constituents.  Remember: One of the anarchists' chants was, "Tom Garrett go away, no racist USA."  Rather than talk with him, they clearly want to drive him out of office.

Garrett supporters

On a chilly, rainy day, over 150 patriots from around the 5th District came out to support our Congressman and President.  The other side had slightly less, and many of them from outside this area.  Despite physical violence levied against us, and amidst profane screams, we patriots comported ourselves with fearless dignity.

Republican Tom Garrett was elected to represent the 5th District of Virginia, in the U.S. House of Congress; and he won by a landslide.  (He won 58% to his Democrat opponent's 42%.)  Congressman Garrett ran on the platform of implementing President Trump's agenda, and that is exactly what he's doing!