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Save the Dates - next two Quarterly SCC Meetings

Sat. Sept. 17, 2017

Our 3rd Quarter SCC Meeting will be held on September 16th starting at 10am at the Wytheville Community Center, 333 Community Boulevard, Wytheville, VA 24382. (map)  Parking is both ample and free, there will be signs directing foot traffic, and lunch will be provided to SCC members.  Call for the meeting will be issued soon.


Fri. Dec. 8, 2017

The Winter SCC Meeting will be held on Friday December 8th at the Homestead immediately prior to the Advance.  More details to come.


Report on the State Central Committee Meeting on June 24

by Renee Trent Maxey, one of our 5th District Committee's Representatives on the SCC
"The Bottom Line"

I would like to share with you, on an on-going basis, the actions taken at each of the SCC meetings.  This information will be sent to you in my report entitled "The Bottom Line".  I may use this report, also, to communicate with you at other times on topics that pertain to SCC business.  As one of your six representatives on the State Central Committee, I want to keep you informed.  I always welcome your advice and counsel and any questions you may have for me regarding the State Central Committee.

The last meeting of the SCC was held on June 24, 2017 in Richmond, Va.

Maxey Bullets
  • Before any of the reports from the Treasurer, Finance Chrm., etc. were given, Attorney General Candidate John Adams was introduced. He spoke to the SCC for about 10 minutes.  Enthusiasm filled the room!  What a great candidate we have in John Adams! After the SCC roll call and approval of the minutes, Rollin Reisinger, surrogate for Lt. Gov. candidate Jill Vogel, spoke and provided an update on her campaign.
  • Garren Shipley (RNC) provided the Communications Report with insight as to the RNC's help with our Nov. elections. 
    Gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie spoke. Lots of energy and excitement!
  • SCC went into Executive Session to discuss the 2017 campaign strategy, John Selph's Treasurer's report and Jerry Kilgore's Finance report. Chairman John Whitbeck's report followed.
  • Old Business:
    RPV Secretary Jill Cook provided the Communications Best Practices Task Force Report.  As a reminder to you, there were five subgroups on Transparency within SCC, Financial Information Release, SCC Member Expectations, Social Media/Web and Grassroots and Activist Input/Feedback. I serve on the SCC Member Expectations Subgroup along with RPV vice chairman, Mike Thomas, and Danielle Davis from the eighth Cong. District.  We are in the process of updating the SCC Member Handbook which had not been updated since 2008.  The work of these subgroups may be revisited at the next SCC meeting.  This item on today's agenda did not require any vote.
  • Update from Appeals Review Committee   Bob Watson presented the report from the Appeals Review Committee.  The committee anticipates having a resolution for consideration at the Fall SCC meeting.  The focus of this committee's work is to assess how appeals are filed, decided and assessed, including ensuring that appellants file appeals on time and lay out the purpose of the appeal. The need to establish consistent standards is evident. This committee will draft a guideline for how appeals are filed, compiled and assessed, and this will be in the form of a resolution. There needs to be a standard procedure for the appeals process.
  • New Business: At this point, I had to depart, and Ruth Carroll of Albemarle county served as my proxy for the remainder of the meeting. This is the first time I have ever needed to leave a SCC meeting before it was over. Thank you, Ruth! In regard to the method of nomination for the 2018 U.S. Senate race, I asked her to vote for a convention when that item under New Business was addressed. As all of you, I'm sure, know by now, the vote for whether we nominate our candidate for U. S. Senate by convention or primary was decided, and the primary method was chosen on a vote of 45 to 35. 
  • Resolution Honoring former RPV state chairman Pat Mullins
  • Sandy Liddy Bourne Motion - National (At-large) Delegate Selection Party Plan Amendment Update. Ms. Bourne's motion passed. It stated  "Be it resolved that the SCC creates a temporary committee with the following purpose: To review the national delegate selection process for At-large delegates from Virginia to the 2016 RNC convention. To prepare a report to be delivered at the 2017 Winter SCC Meeting outlining: the individuals chosen by the nominations committee as at-large delegates and at-large alternate delegates, the individuals who made up the nominations committee, the criteria used to make these selections, perceived issues with the nomination process with an exploration into the veracity of the criticisms and suggestions for possible improvements in the process for the future. The committee is to be co-chaired by Sandy Liddy Bourne and Steve Albertson with membership made up of one appointee by each Congressional District Chairman, the Chairman of RPV, the head of the VFRW, the Chairman of the YRFV and the Chair of the CRFV.  Appointees are expected to meet via conference call once a month. The committee will seek input from the delegates and alternates, the nominations committee, staff, unit chairs and convention attendees on the matters to be discussed by the committee. The committee is to be named the "RPV At-Large Delegate Review Process Committee" and will cease to exist after the Winter 2017 RPV Meeting."
  • Method of Nomination for 2018 U. S. Senate Race. Following brief discussion, the vote was taken, and the result was 45 for a Primary and 35 for having a state convention.
  • Appeal of the Spotsylvania:County Mass Meeting  The SCC affirmed Supervisor candidate Chris Yakabouski as the Battlefield District Republican nominee.
  • Reports from National Committee Members, District Chairmen and Allied Organizations. 
  • The meeting adjourned 4:00-4:30 p.m.

5th District Committee News:
As of 6-25-17, no date has been set yet for our next 5th District Committee meeting.  As attendance was lower than usual at the last 5th District Comm. meeting on 6-17-17, I hope that the date for our next meeting will be confirmed well ahead of time so that members can make plans to be in attendance.  There were more proxies than usual at the 6-17-17 meeting in Rustburg.