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Victory Offices across the District

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RPV Announces State Convention Results.

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Congratulations Bob Good!

Bob Good, winner of the fifth congressional district republican committee of Virginia’s Congressional nomination, will be on the November ballot.

This afternoon, the Virginia State Board of Elections had their scheduled hearing to review candidate filings and determine those who meet qualifications to be an the ballot. We are happy to report that Bob Good WILL be on the November ballot as our Fifth Congressional District Republican nominee!  

This was confirmed to Chairman ‘Melvin Adams’ by a direct communication from John O’Bannon, Vice-chair of the State Board of Elections.

Congratulations Daniel Gade!

Daniel Gade won the 6/23 Republican Primary election and is now the Republican Senate candidate that will challenge Mark Warner in the Nov. 3 General Election.  Please visit his website to learn more.

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    Report on 2020 Convention - June 13, 2020

    ** See the District Convention page for Convention Call and related documents.

    Yesterday, 2537 delegates came from across the district to cast ballots for the election of our Congressional Nominee and other important elected offices. This was the largest convention turnout that we have on record for our district. Thank you to all who participated!

    The results below are taken from the official report of the Tellers Committee tabulation:

    Congressional Race

                Bob Good                     58.12% (winner)

                Denver Rigglemam       41.88%

    5th District Chairman Race

                Melvin Adams              59.48% (winner)

                Daniel Rutherford        40.52%

    State Central Committee Race

                Nancy Rodland            21.02% (winner)

                Renee Maxey              20.96% (winner)

                Ed Yensho                   19.43% (winner)

                Barbara Hancock         19.42%

                Eric Brazeal                  13.83%

                Rahul Maitra                 5.35%

    National Delegates Race

                Renee Maxey             16.08% (delegate)

                Richard Viguerie         14.52% (delegate)

                Jim McKelvey              13.87% (delegate)

                Nancy Rodland            11.49% (first alternate)

                Velie Deitrich-Hall        11.04% (second alternate)

                Mary Coran                 10.56% (third alternate)

                Matthew Hardin            9.13%

                Wendell Johnson         8.44%

                Rahul Maitra                4.87%

    Elector Race

                Richard Viguerie         50.47% (winner)

                Jim McKelvey               49.53%

    To see the full report from the Tellers Committee Tabulation Chairman, please click the link provided to open/save the excel file.

    It is now time for all of us to come together and focus on the general election.

    It is imperative that we give President Trump a resounding victory in the 5th District and hold our Congressional Seat with the election of our Nominee, Bob Good.

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