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Committees of the 5thCDRC

Explanation of Committees

There are various ongoing sub-Committees within the 5th Congressional District Republican Committee (5thCDRC), which report to the whole Committee.  Finance is the only Standing Committee; the rest are ad hoc.  Membership in these Committees is open to any person who is a member of a GOP unit within the 5th District.  Membership in these Committees does not convey voting privileges in the 5thCDRC.

Committees in the 5th Congressional District Republican Committee

At the 5thCDRC meeting on April 28, 2018, the following ad hoc Committees were created: Budget, Bylaws, Ethics/Integrity, Fundraising & Donor Development, GOTV, Orientation for Chairmen, and Website and Media. 

Budget Committee

  • Purpose - To develop a budget for the 5thCDRC, taking into account the federal and state constraints.
  • Chairman - Melvin Adams
  • Members - Marian Dixon, Carlton Ballowe, Mike Hankins, Will Pace

Bylaws Committee

  • Purpose - Seeks input for any desired changes to our committee's bylaws.  After consolidation, review, and research, provides an opinion to the full committee on whether to vote FOR or AGAINST the proposed changes.
  • Chairman - Renee Maxey
  • Members - Sabra Gear, Will Pace

Ethics/Integrity Committee

  • Purpose - To review and propose ethical standards for adoption by the Committee.
  • Chairman - Nancy Rodland
  • Members - Jo Holden, Carlton Ballowe, Eric Brazeal

Fundraising & Donor Development Committee

  • Purpose - To raise funds for the 5th Congressional District Republican Committee, and cultivate donors.
  • Chairman - Mike Hankins
  • Members - George Urban, Wally Young

GOTV Committee

  • Purpose - A working group to develop Get Out the Vote strategies
  • Chairman - Rick Buchanan
  • Members - Eric Brazeal

Orientation for Chairmen Committee

  • Purpose - To provide guidance on best practices in committee leadership.
  • Chairman - Ed Yensho
  • Members - Mike Hankins, Nate Boyer, Lynn Tucker

Website and Social Media Committee

  • Purpose - To maintain the 5thCDRC's website & promote its units' online & social media presence.
  • Chairman - Melvin Adams
  • Members - Nancy Rodland, Aaron Winters

Media and Messaging Committee

  • Purpose - To develop structure and response mechanisms for messaging.
  • Chairman - Aaron Winters
  • Members - Melvin Adams, Christian Raymond, Eric Brazael, Kim Smith, Cindy Koether


  • Purpose - To approve a budget and any non-budgeted expenditures. 
  • Chairman - Melvin Adams
  • Members - All members of the 5thCDRC serve on the Finance Committee, so all members have a say in how funds are raised and spent.

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