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2021 Republican Party of Virginia Convention Details:


Date: Saturday, May 8th

Time: 9AM-4PM

Location: 37 Voting Locations Across Virginia

 Locations will be finalized by April 24th

You are encouraged to file to be a delegate to be a part of choosing a great slate of 2021 statewide Republican candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General.

While this process has been challenging due to the unique circumstances the pandemic has presented, we are unified and committed to winning as a team this November.  

This year’s elections are critical to win-let's gain our position in our Commonwealth's legislation. Simply stated, we need you to register to become a delegate.

The 5th CD will have 4 voting locations that are currently being considered and should be determined before the April 24th deadline. Each of our 3 zones will have at least one voting location.


Why we needed a Party Plan amendment:

  • Conventions normally are in-person single-location events. 
  • Due to the pandemic, we did not believe we could have a traditional in-person convention.
  • Last year we added a Party Plan amendment to allow the 2020 Convention to be a drive-thru convention.  We needed to pass another party plan amendment this year because last year’s amendment did not cover 2021.
  • The delay in setting the convention was caused by challenges in getting this amendment passed. 

What the convention will look like based on the amendment:

  • This convention will be very similar to the 2020 RPV State Convention that elected the party chairman.
  • Provides for up to 37 polling locations across the Commonwealth, distributed to provide everyone reasonably convenient access to a voting site.  (There is no single voting site at Liberty University as previously reported.)
  • Sites are distributed by Congressional District.  District Committees will be responsible for managing the sites in close cooperation with the units.
  • The convention will use ranked choice voting (sometimes referred to as “instant runoff”) at many of last year’s state convention sites.  Voters will vote one ballot with their first, second, third, etc. choices in the three races (Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General).
  • There will be no formal ceremonies, speeches, or other matters at the opening of the convention.  Voters will simply arrive at some point during the polling hours of 9 a.m.-4 p.m., vote their ballots, and leave.  Because we are using ranked choice voting, delegates don’t need to stay for multiple rounds of balloting.
  • There are no limits to the number of delegates at the convention.
  • We will still use the traditional method of signing up delegates.  Convention delegates must prefile with their units.  Units will issue calls for mass meetings with pre-filing forms and deadlines to file.

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